Fountain Reflections – Ratio 2:1




For over a decade, Emmanuel sought to capture his ideal reproduction of the fountain at Point State Park. Though the artist possess many photos of this famed subject, none of them have been able to fully match his vision.

In order to create the perfect photo, a number of criteria needed to be fulfilled. Emmanuel?s first concern was the weather. In this respect, the photographer desired plentiful, low-hanging clouds, accompanied by a sky suffused with the color pink. Additionally, it was necessary that the fountain be turned off; otherwise, its ripples would destroy the reflexive quality of the water within the fountain?s basin.

On the morning that this photo was taken, Emmanuel set out from his home, knowing from his research that the weather was particularly advantageous. At the Point, he captured this panoramic composition, comprised of five separate images, just before the fountain turned on-- an hour earlier than he had anticipated. In essence,?Fountain Reflections?is luck personified. Since the photo is so dear to the artist and so rare in itself, Emmanuel has decided to select it as one of his few limited edition pieces.

Limited Edition of 30